Our Lady Queen Of Heaven Catholic Primary School

Mission Statement



Prayer, Worship, Liturgy and the Gospel message are central to our daily lives.

The value and importance of our Catholic faith is reflected in our attitudes, relationships and charitable responses.


Every person within our school community matters and has the opportunity to achieve their full potential and exceed their expectations. We aim to deliver a broad and rich curriculum, appropriate and accessible to all pupils.


We encourage respect for self and others by promoting positive attitudes and relationships within our school community.  As individuals we recognise each others gifts, needs and contributions. As a school we aim to develop a trusting and supportive environment in which everyone feels valued and appreciated.


By working closely with the home and parish we seek to prepare our pupils for their lives in the wider community. We help them develop as responsible and caring citizens, who are able to take ownership of their choices and actions in society as lifelong learners.


In a caring and sharing environment we offer friendship and welcome to all.


We seek to journey together with Christ as his disciples, learning from him how to live well.



  • What have you done today to make you feel proud?
  • Be the best we can be.  To be more, not to have more.


The following definitions and summaries of the thinking behind the Mission Statement and are intended to be read alongside the statement.



A - Mission - Help build Kingdom of God

  • We are a school community within the community of the Roman Catholic Church.  The church has the mission of helping to build God’s Kingdom.  We play our part in this by being a community of education. 

B - Broad Education – Fulfill potential of all

  • We understand education to involve all the broad dimensions of human potential – academic, spiritual, social, physical and emotional potential and through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum to recognise and to celebrate each person’s uniqueness.

C - Gospel Values

  • In our school community we seek to live the Gospel Values  - Faith, Hope, Love, Justice, Service, Forgiveness, Witness, Respect etc. – all of which we understand as part of living like Christ in loving relationships with each other.

D - Religious Education and Prayer Life and Liturgies

  • As a Catholic school we seek to form our pupils in Catholic faith through Religious Education, the general life of the school, the prayer life and liturgies of the community and service and witness. We aim to make prayer, worship and liturgy a living experience for every member of the community.

E - Community – Home School Parish – Local and Wider

  • As a part of the Catholic community we seek to encourage good relationships between Home, School & Parish and with the wider local and world community.